Shillong Teer -- What is it? How is the winner Decided

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is famous for its cold weather, water falls, lakes and, of course, Teer. Traditionally called 'Thoh Tim', it is one of the most organised gambling system in India. There are two rounds of Teer everyday except on Sunday and holidays. There are a number of Teer counters in the city – along the main roads, tucked away behind corners and up against tea stall. It is typically like a small shop with a license number and numbers written on the blackboard with a chalk. In one of these counters, anyone can buy ticket at any prices.

If you buy a ticket of INR 1 and you are the lucky winner, you shall draw INR 80 in the first round and INR 60 in the second round. Most people play between INR 10 and INR 100 but there are stories of massive bets, like lakhs on a number. They pay out around INR 50 - 60 lakhs a day, to people as far as Chennai and Mumbai. More about Shillong Teer can be found here.


Every evening (when teer is played) at 4:00 pm and again at 4:30 a group of archers meet at Polo Ground ( shooting ground). Each round 50 archers shot 20 arrows each within 3 minutes. 5 Teer officials then count the arrows that hit the target and take the last two digits of the number as the round score. For example, if 845 arrows hit the target, the score is 45. So, if 45 is your ticket number then you are the winner. The odds are as high as 4000/1.


Well, there is no formula for predicting the score. Some predict the score by interpreting their dream. If you dreamed of number 86 then your lucky can be 86, 68, 14 (8+6 = 14), 02 (8-6=2) and 48( 8x6=48). If you dreamed of water your lucky number ends with 7, so the possible numbers are 07, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 87 and 97. If you dreamed of dead, your lucky numbers ends with 9, which means the score can be 09, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89 and 99. If you dreamed of sex, your lucky number is a combination 5 and 6 and the score may be 56, 65, 11 (6+5), 01 (6-5) and 30 (6x5). It is believed that if dreamed of playing teer, you shall surely win it.

Some predict the score using a formula. For example, if today is dated 28, April 2015, then your lucky numbers are – 28+4 (April is the fourth month of the year) + 2015 = 2047, and take the last two digits of 2047, so your lucky number is 47.

To be precise, there is not correct formula or interpretation of dream that can predict the exact score. It is 99.9% luck. There are more than 1 Billion people in India (143,000 in Shillong) and most of them shall have different dreams.

Daily teer results are updated on small chalkboards and displayed in all the counters in Shillong and Meghalaya.

Playing Teer is fun and can be easily addicted. If you are very lucky, you can win it and become rich but playing Teer is not an easy way to be rich.

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Sarahah: What is it and how to use it

Sarahah is fast becoming one of the hottest apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. This is because of its huge popularity among teens.

Are you eagerly want to know what is Sarahah? How it works? Why it is so much trending? Is it very useful? So here you will find all your answers. We will tell you all about Sarahah. Nowadays you must be find people sharing some Sarahah link on Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

What is Sarahah

Sarahah is a Social Networking Communication Sites and App, which was Developed by the ZainAlabdin Tawfiq in February 2017. It goes down in-between but from July it is trending again on the App Store.

Sarahah application is available for both Android and iPhone.

It allows you to recieve honest anonymous feedback for about yourself. The feedback will be send by your friends, family and other peoples with which you have shared your Sarahah account after Sign in or Sign up. Its a really good app for self development. And you cannot know who sent you message on Sarahah.

How to use Sarahah

Here is how to use Sarahah.
  • First of All You Need to Open or Sarahah APP.
  • If You Want to Send Feedback to Anyone then Go in Search and type the Person name & Select Person Whom you want to Send Feedback.
  • Now You Can Write Your Feedback and Click on Send.
  • On the receiver's side, your message will appear, but not your name.
  • If You want to Check your messages or Feedback then You Need to Login to Sarahah.
  • If You have Not created an account you have to Create One.
  • Now Click on the My Messages tab you have all the received messages here.

You can use it as the mode of self improvement.

Keep Enjoying the App it has proven Helpful for Many People. You can also Link Sarahah with Snapchat. By linking Sarahah to Snapchat, your Snapchat friends will be easily able to send you messages anonymously.

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Snapchat Upload From Gallery

There are many ways you can upload pictures from your gallery or camera roll to Snapchat. This guide tells all the methods to Snapchat upload from your phone. Feel free to follow the full guide.

Snap spectacles were announced in September 2016 and are now available to purchase.
They allow you to record ten-second snaps from these glasses, which are called spectacles without the need to hold your own phone. And then, they’re saved to your memories which you can publish to stories later.

To set up your snap spectacles, make sure your app is up-to-date. Then, access your settings by swiping and tapping the gear icon in the top right. Scroll down a little bit, and you’ll see a section called Spectacles.

Pair it up, and then, put your Spectacles on and tap the button on the left of the Spectacles while looking at the Snap code. Wait a few seconds, it’ll pair, and it will say it’s been connected.

So, to film using Snap Spectacles, all you have to do is tap the button firmly on the left side of the frames, then, a ten-second video will start recording. For the outside observer, there will be a white circular light that starts to appear.

While you’re wearing the glasses, you’ll see a white light that comes on when it starts and will blink a couple of times red before it finishes. If you don’t want to capture the entire 10 seconds, you can hold it for 2 seconds while it’s already filming.

You can record for up to 30 consecutive seconds, but Snapchat will actually break it into 3 ten seconds segments, you just have to tap once while it’s in the middle in one of those ten-second segments.

To access the videos after you’ve recorded them and publish them to your story, or send them to your friends, all you have to do is go to your memories, as you normally would.

There’s going to be a new tab there that says SPECS. Jump there or you can head to the ALL column. Then, select which clips you want to share or publish your story. And then publish them as you normally would.

How to charge snapchat spectacles

In addition to the Spectacles, you’ll receive a yellow triangular case. Aside from its unique design, it actually doubles as portable charging case. When fully charged, this guy can charge the Spectacles up to four times.

To charge the Spectacles, all you have to do is drop them in the case and there’s a magnetic charging port that makes it really easy to connect.

The light will start pulsing when it starts charging. If you want to know how much battery life your case has, all you have to do is tap the button on the side.

If either the case or the Spectacles run out, or you don’t have your case on you, you can use the USB cable to charge either directly.

So, where can you use these Spectacles?

You can use them in your everyday life. There’s a lot of opportunity for using them in active sports. Activities which you might need two hands for and otherwise couldn’t capture on Snapchat. They might be a little bit tricky to get used to them at first. Most of us are unfamiliar with people snapping with glasses as of now, but I’m really optimistic about where they’re going to take Snapchat.

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How to save Snapchats - Videos and Photos

Save snapchat photos and stories on your iOS device without them knowing

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to screenshot a snapchat photo without anyone knowing. Well! I do not recommend taking screenshot of other snapchat, but if you really must there is a way. Let’s say your girlfriend or your friend sent you a snap and you want to have it on your phone but you don’t want to tell them. The unwritten rule of snapchat is you never screenshots someone’s picture.

So, here’s how to do it.

Go to your snapchat and load any photos that you want to save it to your device. When the snap load, turn on airplane mode and now you are disconnected.

View the picture and screenshot as much as you like. After that hold the lock button of the power button until the slide to power off comes on. And hold the home button until the app quits or in other words, to reset the app.

What you are really doing is clearing the RAM on your phone and that causes the app to quit. Now the app has been reset and it pretends you’ve never done anything malicious and your snapchat a few minutes ago. And the other person would not even know you did such thing.

This works with stories and chats as well. Load the story or chat, turn on airplane mode, screenshot it and reset the app and come back to the app. Even with the wifi on you’re all good.

Save snapchat photos on your android device

In order to save snapchat photos to your Android device, all you need to do is when you received a snap on snapchat, just open the snap and press and hold the home button to trigger now on tab.

Hit the share button on the left to share the screenshot. Select upload to photos to upload the screenshot to google photos. That’s how you take a screenshot in Android device without notifying the sender.

Note: In case recommended you to use Casper to save snapchat photos or videos please don’t use it. Don’t even try this, it’ll ban you for 12-24 hours. I’ve already used it before. It works beautifully, but you’ll get banned without a doubt.

How to save snapchat videos on Android and iPhone devices using apowersoft application

In this section, I’m going to show you how to save snapchat video on Android and iOS. Knowing how to save snapchat video is important because it allows users to review their favorite clips easily. In recording a snapchat video on Android, the best way to do is by using an application like apowersoft screen recorder.

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Snapchat Filters - How to use Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters have evolved. We now have geofilters and custom on-demand filters. No longer do we live in the traditional world. Take a look at how to use Snapchat filters and get all the filters you need.

In order to start using Snapchat filters, you need to go to your settings and activate the filters. You will find this in the Additional Settings page.

Everyone calls them Filters but Snapchat calls them lenses. They are very silly but the engineering behind them is serious. This technology came from a Ukrainian startup called Looksery which Snapchat acquired in September 2015 for a $150 million dollars. That’s the largest tech acquisition in Ukranian history so far. Their augmented reality filters tap into the large and rapidly growing field of “computer vision” those are applications that use pixel data from a camera in order to identify objects and interpret 3D space.

So how does a snapchat filter work? Well! The first step is detection. The computer decides which part of an image is a face. This is something that our brains are too good at. But for a computer, it needs to have the color value of each individual pixel. The computer finds the areas of contrast, between light and dark parts of the image. And this facial detection tool is called the Viola-Jones algorithm.

This algorithm works by repeatedly scanning through the image data thereby calculating the difference between data of the image. Once the algorithm finds enough matches in one area of the image, it concludes that there is a face there. However, it won’t find your face if you are facing sideways or tilted, but they are very accurate for frontal faces. So this is how a snapchat filter works.

How do I use Snapchat Filter

I am going to show you how to use filters on snapchat. You need to have your snapchat app open and I want you to flip the camera around by tapping on the camera icon on the top right corner. Hold your thumb down or finger down on your face and you can see that circles are going around there.

Before we go further, always remember to update your snapchat app because snapchat rolls out new artwork and new filters like almost every day. It’s one of the things I think is as impressive as there is always new stuff. All the artwork is top-notch. I think it’s the coolest artwork out there and it’s always fresh and new which makes it kind of fun because it seems like every time you turn on snapchat you got something new to play with and pressure to make people laugh. So that’s all these filters are meant to do is just kind of let your hair down, relax and have fun with. Here’s how you use snapchat filters.

The only thing you need to do is press on the screen. I usually just press right at my nose, look at your phone look at your nose, and just press the screen and it’s going to activate the little wire mesh. You’re going to see the white wire mesh go over the screen that means you have activated the filters. That’s it! Look below there’s a little circle in the middle, that’s the shutter button. Below the shutter button is the “X” button, if you want to “X” out of the filter you need to press the “X” button.

To reactivate, press your thumb on your face right over your nose and it’s going to activate the wire mesh. When you see the wire mesh they’re activated so once you hit the shutter button or you can press it once for a photo and you can hold it for 10 seconds for a video. Whatever one you use the filter is going to be applied to your face.

The filters are really easy, some of them will tell you to raise your eyebrows or open your mouth and that’s just going to activate the little thing as you record your snap. Just slide it over to see all the different things that you can do. It’s kind of fun right. So that is how you use filters on Snapchat.

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