Desperate Measures For Desperate Times

A month from now, I'd have completed my 3rd year in college. Then my entire future would be decided by the outcome of the events that are to happen in the 4th year (7th semester).

The economic crisis continues. Word is software companies will not be coming for campus recruitment before the 8th semester. Core companies will probably start recruiting next semester though. And word is only the best students will be selected - which I definitely am not one.

The National Institute of Technology(NIT), Jamshedpur, my dear college, may certainly not be the best in the land, but it has been boasting of a 100% campus placement since a few years back. That is, all final year students would've got at least one job offer, some bagging as many as three offers, from both private companies and public sector units by the time they finally graduate.

And it could very well have gone on as it used to - a 100% placement - and I could very well have been assured knowing there's a job offer waiting for me three months from now. I could, had not the ugly face of economic depression show up.

Some firms won't hire for the next 10 months. Some, we don't know if they'd ever come to our college. The few that will be coming would have to hire the best of the best from my batch. Competition will be strong.

Competition will be harsh, I know, and yet I'm still writing a blog post. Writing a blog post and wasting my time. Yes, a waste!

A waste because I'm not that kind of person who could do two things at a time. I never can quite shuffle two balls at a time however much I try. If I write a blog post, that's what I do. My mind is in it. And coming out of that blogging world is not easy. If I turn on my computer, there's no turning it off until I've spent at the very least about 5 hours staring into it. If I indulged myself in a reverie, I dwell in the reverie until it ends with a happy ending. I am a freak and I love being one.

So, blogging could pretty much adversely affect my studies and my future as a whole. Which is why I've decided to stop blogging for a long time. I've decided to halt all nonsense activities and, for once, get real, act like a student (which I am). It's my life that's in question; I'm not going to take chances.

I'll check my inbox and scrapbook from time to time. And that's about all I'll be doing with the internet, I hope.

Because steel companies are the major recruiters for my branch, I'd have to re-learn all those boring processes of steelmaking, iron-making, petroleum refining...all those boring metallurgical crap. And given my so-called love for computers and programming, I'd have to learn the major programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc to get into software companies. All within 2 to 3 months!!! To worsen the already hopeless situation, I'd have to do a two-month summer training (internship) this summer [May - June] as part of the academic curriculum.

And bagging a job offer while in college is more than important for me. It's a necessity. A necessity given my current financial status and the fact that I won't last in an off-campus recruitment process.

So I guess it's goodbye for now. Farewell and God bless!


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