Shillong Teer -- What is it? How is the winner Decided

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is famous for its cold weather, water falls, lakes and, of course, Teer. Traditionally called 'Thoh Tim', it is one of the most organised gambling system in India. There are two rounds of Teer everyday except on Sunday and holidays. There are a number of Teer counters in the city – along the main roads, tucked away behind corners and up against tea stall. It is typically like a small shop with a license number and numbers written on the blackboard with a chalk. In one of these counters, anyone can buy ticket at any prices.

If you buy a ticket of INR 1 and you are the lucky winner, you shall draw INR 80 in the first round and INR 60 in the second round. Most people play between INR 10 and INR 100 but there are stories of massive bets, like lakhs on a number. They pay out around INR 50 - 60 lakhs a day, to people as far as Chennai and Mumbai. More about Shillong Teer can be found here.


Every evening (when teer is played) at 4:00 pm and again at 4:30 a group of archers meet at Polo Ground ( shooting ground). Each round 50 archers shot 20 arrows each within 3 minutes. 5 Teer officials then count the arrows that hit the target and take the last two digits of the number as the round score. For example, if 845 arrows hit the target, the score is 45. So, if 45 is your ticket number then you are the winner. The odds are as high as 4000/1.


Well, there is no formula for predicting the score. Some predict the score by interpreting their dream. If you dreamed of number 86 then your lucky can be 86, 68, 14 (8+6 = 14), 02 (8-6=2) and 48( 8x6=48). If you dreamed of water your lucky number ends with 7, so the possible numbers are 07, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 87 and 97. If you dreamed of dead, your lucky numbers ends with 9, which means the score can be 09, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, 69, 79, 89 and 99. If you dreamed of sex, your lucky number is a combination 5 and 6 and the score may be 56, 65, 11 (6+5), 01 (6-5) and 30 (6x5). It is believed that if dreamed of playing teer, you shall surely win it.

Some predict the score using a formula. For example, if today is dated 28, April 2015, then your lucky numbers are – 28+4 (April is the fourth month of the year) + 2015 = 2047, and take the last two digits of 2047, so your lucky number is 47.

To be precise, there is not correct formula or interpretation of dream that can predict the exact score. It is 99.9% luck. There are more than 1 Billion people in India (143,000 in Shillong) and most of them shall have different dreams.

Daily teer results are updated on small chalkboards and displayed in all the counters in Shillong and Meghalaya.

Playing Teer is fun and can be easily addicted. If you are very lucky, you can win it and become rich but playing Teer is not an easy way to be rich.

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